Sir Topher
Character Description
Age 50+
Gender Male
Title The Queen's First Man - Sir Topher
Ethnicity Lumateran
Alias Finnikin's mentor

Smartest man in the kingdom

Physical Description
Height Short
Allegiance Lumatere
Sir Topher is Finnikin's mentor and guide during their ten years of exile. As the former King's first man, he travels across the land of Skuldenore as an ambassador for Lumatere - and tries to improve the conditions that many of the exiles face in camps. 


Early Life 

For years before the days of the unspeakable, Sir Topher served as the King's First Man. He was there when the King met and married the Queen, who was then a Mont girl living on the Mountain. On the night of the assassination of the royal family, Sir Topher was on palace business in Belegonia, and lived with the guilt of surviving ever since. When he returned to Lumatere the old King's Charyn cousin entered Lumatere and was proclaimed King. He heard Beatriss' screams when she was being tortured because of Trevanion's refusal to lie prostrate at the feet of the new King. Sir Topher was in the square on the day Seranonna cursed Lumatere. Later in the Valley of Tranquillity, he agreed to become Finnikin's mentor and guardian and thus Finnikin was placed in his care for the next ten years.   

In Finnikin of the Rock

When they find Isaboe (disguised as the novice Evanjalin)  at the Cloister of Lagrami in Sendencane, they take her to find the Monts. He is the first person to realize that she was not Evanjalin, but was in fact Isaboe, the youngest princess - although she never confirmed it to him. Sir Topher refrained from telling Finnikin his revalation, because he knew that Finnikin would not have the courage to fufill Seranonna's prophecy - which decreed that Isaboe's blood would be shed for him to be King. 

In Froi of the Exiles and Quintana of Charyn

After the battle to reclaim Lumatere, Sir Topher acts as an advisor to Finnikin and Queen Isaboe.