Seranonna was the matriach of the Forest Dwellers before the five days of the unspeakable. She was also the mother of Tesadora. Though Seranonna is deceased in Finnikin of the Rock it is her prophecy and the consequences of her actions which drive the plot forward.

She helped deliver Queen Tilda into the world and as a result developed a close relationship with her and her children. All the babes Seranonna delivered had the gift of walking the sleep.

Seranonna had a tense relationship with her own daughter Tesadora, who resented Seranonna's devotion to the royal children. It is hinted that Seranonna was ashamed of Tesadora because of her half Charynite blood.

One day as Isaboe and Finnikin played in the Forest of Lumatere Seranonna spoke a prophecy which neither child ever forgot, which would play an important role in Finnikin of the Rock.

On the night of the murder of the royal family Seranonna helped Isaboe to escape the kingdom and go into hiding by making it seem like Isaboe was slain in the Forest of Lumatere instead of Balthazar. The next morning Seranonna was seen with blood and dirt on her hands and was accused of killing the royal children. Though Seranonna denied it she was not believed, and the people turned against the Forest Dwellers in paranoia and fear and drove them from their homes.

After the Impostor King came into power in Lumatere Seranonna was arrested along with all Sagrami worshippers and sentenced to death. She shared a cell with Lady Beatriss of the Flatlands, who was also sentenced to die, and delivered Beatriss' unborn babe in the dungeons. Shortly before, Tesadora had come to Seranonna disguised as a Lagrami novice, and had given her a vial containing a potion meant to cause a death-like slumber. This was meant to save Seranonna's life, as she would not be executed as a result and could escape later. But Seranonna chose to give the potion to Beatriss instead, who drank it shortly after giving birth to a stillborn daughter.

Seranonna was dragged to the stake on the fifth day of the unspeakable and shouted out the words 'Beatriss the Beloved is dead!' as a message to her daughter, to let her know that Beatriss had taken the potion and needed to be smuggled out of the dungeons. As Seranonna burnt at the stake she spoke a blood-curse/prophecy which cracked open the earth for a moment, in the languages of the ancients. The words took ten years to decipher and be understood.

While Seranonna burned Finnikin of the Rock ended her life in a mercy kill, climbing a tree and throwing a dagger straight into her heart, killing her instantly. Tesadora was the only one to see him and later expressed relief that Seranonna did not suffer for long because of it.

Character Description
Age Deceased, killed by Finnikin of the Rock while burning at the stake
Gender Female
Title Seranonna of the Forest Dwellers
Ethnicity Lumateran
Alias The woman who cursed the kingdom
Physical Description
Children Tesadora of the Forest Dwellers
Significant Other Unknown Charynite from Serker (Lover)
Allegiance Lumatere
Residence Forest of Lumatere