Character Description
Age 43-45
Gender Male
Title Perri the Savage - Second in command of the Lumateran Guard
Ethnicity Lumateran
Alias The Savage
Physical Description
Height Average (Lean build)
Children Un-named child (stillborn)
Significant Other Tesadora of the Forest Dwellers
Allegiance Lumatere
Residence The palace barracks

Second in command of the Lumateran Queen's Guard. Loyal to Trevanion and Isaboe. In exile, he was the most suspicious of Isaboe (who was disguised as Evanjalin at the time), but soon after became her most loyal and faithful guard.  He is Tesadora's lover and has a bitter and vicious history with her. He once kept her head underwater for three minutes, and she is the one who gave him the scar across his forehead. Eighteen years previous to the events in Froi of the Exiles , Tesadora was pregnant with his child, but lost it on the Charynite Day of Weeping (as she is half Charynite). Perri believed she delibrately killed the babe, and he ended their relationship. 

Six years later he returned and saved her and the other Sagrami novices when Tesadora's mother cursed the kingdom by smuggling them into the kingdom and to a disused cloister near the border to Sendecane. When the curse was lifted, they began a relationship again - partly due to the fact Perri subconsciously believed Froi was the son they had lost (as Froi and Perri were close, and Froi had the same eyes as Tesadora). Once it was revealed that Froi was not his son, and that Tesadora had indeed lost their child, Perri was extremely remorseful.

In the ending of Quintana of Charyn, Froi, Japhra and the Priestess all suggest to Tesadora that she should marry Perri and hint that now the curse on Charyn is lifted, she is probably likely to carry his child soon.