Belegonia is one of the kingdoms of Skuldenore. It is located in the centre of the land, directly south of Lumatere. In Belegonia it is said that the people truly live-- they talk and debate about different matters and don't just eat, sleep and work like the people in other kingdoms. Belegonia has lush, fertile land, much of which is unworked and uninhabited. Belegonia is ruled by a king who resides in the Belegonian capital.

The Belegonian tongue is said to be 'romantic', unlike the language of Lumatere. Belegonians tend to wear brightly coloured clothes.

Belegonia is considered the best kingdom in the land and as such other countries such as Charyn attempt to invade it.

Notable Places

  • Belegonian capital
  • The Crossroads of the North
  • Valley of Tranquillity